Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2: Put down the phone!

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” -William Penn

Today, I'm tired. 

I worked a 12 hour shift and although it wasn't a bad day, it had a very busy ending.  It always seems to get super busy within the last 2 hours of work.  Always.

I got home this afternoon to a tired, teething baby, and a wound up, ready to play 4 year old.  All I wanted to do was sit for a minute.  However, my minute always turns into an hour, and my hour turns into the whole evening, and before you know it, it's time for bed and I haven't done a thing.

Yesterday, my challenge was no more excuses, so I started thinking about what excuses I have been using to allow myself to waste my evenings away.  I realize that I am forever and always saying, "I just don't have time!"  As a matter of fact, it seems to be one of my favorite excuses.

Yes, I am busy.  I am a full time student, and I have a full time job, and with Nick's crazy work hours a lot of the time I am juggling two kids by myself.  However, somehow I find a ton of time each day to play on my phone.  I have time to check facebook, instagram, postsecret, failbook, text messages, my email, pinterest, facebook again...

None of these things are bad, but when I am choosing to spend time on my phone instead of spending that time with my kids, there is a problem.  It's amazing how my phone can make me feel so connected to the outside world, yet completely isolate me from the people who want and need me the most. 

So tonight, I put down my phone and played with my kids.  We rolled a ball around the living room, I wasted a whole roll of toilet paper wrapping Grayson up like a mummy and letting him chase me around the house, and then I let him "cook".  Eggs, red and green frosting, ketchup, mustard, Cheetos, half of a hot dog, salt, pepper, pieces of the egg carton, and plastic baggies were all included in the ingredients for his "bad gingerbread man". 

It was nice to let him get a little messy and have fun.  He really enjoyed getting to spend some silly time with me.  Nothing is more important than little moments like that...certainly not facebook.

I am going to make sure that I am getting at least one hour of uninterrupted playtime with my kids every night.  I need it as much as they do!  They're only little once, and time really does go by so fast.

Also, nothing is better than seeing this sweet little smile!

Time is precious.
"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." -Eph. 5:15-16

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  1. Cyndi,

    What amazing insight you have! Those babies ARE only young once and time flies faster than you think! I say, you can NEVER have too many pictures (to remember them by) because it has an added value...to show the kids later and recount the silliness, smiles, activities, messiness and PURE JOY YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ARE AROUND THEM!!!! The kids will enjoy those stories over and over again....There is nothing more uplifting than your child asking you to tell the story again! LOVE...kids don't want THINGS (although it seems that way)...they want your TIME!
    It is all a balancing act...you can make Grayson a deal...give him a quiet activity while "Mommy has a 30 minute lie down to recharge her Energizer batteries and then we will keep running and running and running". Keep the Facebook and all the other things that keep you bent over your telephone for when the kids go to bed!
    NO matter what....it is apparent you enjoy your kids, husband and life! Keep your focus!
    And by the way, I wrote a reply to your first blog and realized I wasn't signed in....I am quite sure I had some amazing thoughts...
    I am blown away by your thoughtfulness and articulation in these blogs so far! It must be your gift for gab!