Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7: Dreaming

Today is my anniversary!  Nick and I now have 3 years under our belts and a lifetime to go.

We went to dinner the other night to celebrate and had lunch together today before he had to leave for work.  I love those times when it is just us.  No kids, no friends...just us.  He is my favorite person to be with.

We talked about our past and all the mistakes we've made.  We talked about things we've overcome together during the last 3 years and how everything seems to be moving in a good direction.  Most importantly, we talked about our future.  We always talk about our future.

Nick and I are both pretty optimistic people.  We love life, we love our family, and we love planning our future.  Anytime we are together, the conversation at some point will involve our future plans.  What we want from our careers, what we want our future home to look like, what we want for our's my favorite conversation.  Everyone needs to dream.  Even if your dreams seem far-fetched, it's better to imagine and strive to reach them than it is to sit and be complacent, right? 

Life can get so crazy sometimes.  Between work and school and family, we can get so bogged down that we start living day to day and just going through the motions.  Sometimes I feel like a robot.  Work, eat, sleep, repeat.  It's so mundane.  It's also exhausting.

You know when there is something exciting coming up, like Christmas,  and you get a little pep in your step?  You have something to look forward to!  You smile more, you enjoy life a little're happier!  Right?

I truly believe this is why Pinterest has become SO insanely popular.  It allows people to dream.  It gets you out of your reality for a bit.

So, I'm going to make sure that I allow myself to dream.  Even crazy, far-reaching, impossible dreams.  You do the same.  Set goals for yourself!  Share your dreams with someone.  Make a plan.  Find a way to turn your dreams into a reality.  Life is so very very short. 

Nick, thank you for being the one I share my biggest and smallest dreams with.  Because of you, life is more fun.  Thank you for loving me enough to forgive me when I mess up.  Thank you for loving our babies the way you do and for being the type of father that gets excited about their future.  You give me a reason to wake up every morning and a reason to keep dreaming my crazy, impossible dreams.  You allow me to be silly and crazy and sometimes unrealistic.  You bring so much love and laughter into our home, and I truly can't think of a single person who I would want to share all of this with.  We have such an amazing future together.  Thank you for giving me a reason to be excited about this life.  I am more in love with you today than I was on the day I married you 3 years ago, and I know that with every year that passes, I'll love you even more.

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Good on you Cyndi....if you keep this attitude, you will stay married a long, long me (way longer than I expected).